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Struwwelpeter – 1st year

‘Struwwelpeter’ is a collection of German cautionary tales for children, written in 1845 by Heinrich Hoffman.
Each of these ten stories bares a warning of the disasterous consequences of misbehaving, although it has to be said that they are very exaggerated and at times incredibly dark.

We were a brief that revolved heavily around puppetry. My concept was a dark and eerie theatre performance, set in and inspired by mid Victorian era fashion. I designed from three of the ten stories; ‘Johnny Look in the Air’, ‘Fly away Robert’ and ‘The Thumb- Sucker’. The overall aesthetic was to look ghostly and somewhat reminiscent of the dark side of the tales. The production was aimed at adults rather than children.

The costume I made from this project was ‘Johnny look in the air’. This comprised of a rod puppet with arm, leg and head movements, as well as the puppeteer and her various Victorian inspired accessories. One which was a large piece of theatrical millinery, complete with three life sized ravens.

Part of this brief was to construct a lycra suit that we had to colour and pattern in a way that fitted our concept.